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Everybody’s talking about Facebook, not surprisingly when you think of the 500,000,000 people that currently on the social network phenomena, and the numbers continue to grow.

Besides maintaining your brand / shop / band on Facebook pages, you can also advertise to the people on Facebook, using Facebook ads.

So, how do you reach the people on Facebook?

The Facebook advertiser’s management tool allows you to target your campaign based on several segmentation which may help you to achieve high CTR, valuable Conversions while maintain low CPA / CPL. The basic segments every advertiser must determine before launching any campaign are:

  1. Country / City – Where is your audience?
  2. Age – How old is your audience?
  3. Gender – You may want to advertise differently to Women than to Men.
  4. Language – What language(s) does your audience speak?

Other advance segments you may want to use in order to reach the exact audience:

  1. Education – Does your audience in a specific stage in their education, or are alumni of specific colleges?
  2. Relationship – Is your audience married? Single?
  3. Workplace – Does your audience work in a specific firm?

After setting up the ad segments you provide a short headline, ad text and a small image.

Is there a difference between advertising on Google and advertising on Facebook?

Basically, while Google ads appear on search results pages or websites, Facebook ads appear only on Facebook. In both systems you may target segments based on location and language, but Facebook also provides age and gender which are extremely valuable to some advertisers. Google ads are mainly textual on results pages and banners on websites while Facebook offer textual ads with static image.

So what should I choose?

Every campaign should be decided specifically of course, but generally speaking, every campaign should be on both Google and Facebook.

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