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Social Media

Social networks these days, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare or even Google+ are functioning as a center meeting point for worldwide internet users. The meaning of this to an advertiser or brand manager is that if you want to understand what your audience is talking about with or without regards to your brand, then you must act and offer your message in these digital hangouts.

In the past years, the approach for internet marketing activity was to launch an official website for the company / store / brand and to bring audience traffic to there. Today all marketers agree that in order to fully understand your audience then you must find them and listen to them where they hang. So basically the direction of

Audience  —- > Brand Website

is changing to

Brands  —–> Audience

So, even though Google still makes billions of dollars out of advertising and bringing traffic to websites / landing pages, you can learn from Facebook and Twitter huge success and even LinkedIn great IPO, that the advertising and marketing industry is changing and we should all follow.

Let’s take Thailand as an example to understand the numbers of social network. Note that this data is updated to September 2011, and if you’re reading this after, well, the numbers are probably up.






















* Data taken from, and

The name of the game in social networks is engagement, meaning an interaction between the brand / store to the audience. The engagement can occur in different ways- from brand listening to audience conversations to audience commenting immediately on the brand message (comment can be Like, Retweet, etc.)

How can we help?

Facebook: We can help you build a brand page, create engaging applications, launch a fan base campaign and of course, manage daily basis conversations with your audience.

Twitter: We can help you set up a branded account, promote it and manage daily basis interactions with your audience.

LinkedIn: We can build your company a branded page and help you with recruiting using advertising and head hunting.

YouTube: We can build your brand a branded channel, create content and promote it.

Foursquare: We can create a branded activity to your brand / store that will create awareness and interactions with your audience.


Are you interested in social media marketing?

Contact Adi and Avner and we’ll be happy to assist with consulting and managing social activity.