Search Engine Optimization by Adi and Avner


Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a very complex field in the internet industry.
On one hand, good SEO work can pay off for a very long time, while on the other hand, you would have to keep up the pace of the ever changing search engine’s algorithm.

Having that said, it is always very important to remember that in some markets and industries, if you get your basics SEO foundations the right way, you can do quite well.
For example, in Thailand there are still markets that are not very competitive, so we can plan good website structure, use Meta tags and content based on keywords research and see ourselves rank high and generate results. Other markets would be more competitive and businesses are working their way up the rank as we speak. In this case you would need a more complex SEO plan, involving more domains, more content and other internet assets we would offer to create.

There are a few SEO methods to work on a website, this is ours:

Market Research: Preforming an online competitor’s research and analysis because you must know your online competition very well in order to be better than they are. Than we would use different keyword tools and find out what phrases are most popular and relevant.

On-Site Optimization: Working on the site’s structure, writing Meta tags, implementing site maps and more. This is when we need to figure out our keyword strategy and work on the website according to it.

Off-Site Optimization: Promoting the site using link building, registering to web indexes and more. This usually done after the On-Site Optimization is ready but can be done during the work.

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