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Adi and Avner Internet Marketing Consultants Work With Various Clients. Our Growing List of Clients Includes Airlines, Hotels, Music Industry, Spa and More…

Avi Ben Abu

Avi Ben Abu is a young Israeli singer who is currently working on his debut album. After losing in the final rounds of “A Star is Born” show in Israel, Ben Abu was signed by a leading agency who believed in his abilities to become a leading singer. Recently the official Avi Ben Abu website was launched, in which Adi and Avner were involved in the on-page SEO work. We are also working on promoting the website in the search engine result pages. Avi Ben Abu also has an official YouTube channel and official Facebook page.


Photo: Avi Ben Abu official website (c)

Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson Nutrition is a global leader in infant and children’s nutrition.
The company is known for its excellent products Enfamil® and Enfalac® families of infant formulas as well as for the regional children’s nutritional products, including Enfagrow®, Enfapro®, Enfakid®, EnfaSchool®, and Sustagen® in Asia.
Mead Johnson Nutrition (Thailand) is operating Enfa Smart Club website and the Official Enfa Facebook page.

Liran Aviv

Liran Aviv is a young Israeli singer. His music is categorized in Israel as “Oriental” music. Currently the “Oriental’ music is the most popular genre in Israel after many years being an alternative for Israeli Rock music and Pop. Liran Aviv is making his way to the top of the charts mainly through digital channels. Digital music distribution in Israel is in an extremely advanced stage, compared to Asia and in one level with Europe and US. Liran Aviv is connected to his fans through his Official Liran Aviv Twitter, has a very busy Official Liran Aviv Facebook community, displays his clips on his Official Liran Aviv YouTube channel and of course, have an Official Liran Aviv Website.
Photographer: Lior Zini (C) cc-by-sa-nc

Magnolia Spa Samui

The Magnolia Spa LogoMagnolia Spa Samui is a wonderful leading spa plus a coffee shop in Koh Samui, Thailand. You can find many different kinds of pampering treatments there such as Dead Sea minerals or any traditional Thai massage, lots of indulging spa packages and more. The coffee shop is a handmade boutique café with amazing cakes and pastries to enjoy before or after your massage experience. In short – a perfect place for your vacation in Koh Samui…

The Harif is a leading website in Israel covering the most popular music in Israel – Oriental Pop, also known as Mizrahit. The site offers news on new singles, albums and clips, covers live shows and hosts exclusive interviews with the top Israeli singers.


The GRAZEit LogoGRAZEit is a links aggregator that lets you find relevant and related content from many different websites, portals, blogs, about each subject in the world such as mobile, advertising, education and much more. While surfing the web and running into content you wish to spread, you just graze it and spread through to the world.

Roni Atias

The Roni Atias LogoRoni Atias is a production company in Israel – producing events especially for hotels. Each hotel has its own entertainment program and crew which Roni Atias auditions, qualifies, trains, and manages. Almost 30 hotels in Israel use Roni Atias’s services. Roni Atias is also in charge of producing business events for companies, cruises on a boat and much more. In touch with the leading singers, bands and celebrities in Israel – Roni Atias wants to be the first to give service to anyone seeking a big shiny production.


The Kisos MBA Consulting LogoKisos MBA Consulting is a leading MBA consultant for worldwide renowned programs, in the USA, Europe and more. Kisos guides its applicants through the complex process of choosing your school, and beginning the hard long application and exams process until eventually getting accepted.