SEO Case Study

In June 2009, one of our Israeli clients launched a new site covering Israeli music. The site offers news, photos from shows, preview of new songs, launching new clips and more.
The client holds digital rights of 80% of this Israeli music and wanted to draw organic traffic to the site, in order to sell mobile services, tickets for shows etc.
In the time of our work with this client, the music he was covering (called “Mediterranean Music”) became the most popular music in Israel (by far), thus getting every news site / music site / forum in Israel to compete on same traffic.

Brand Name: Top Results (Wikipedia dropped to #4)
Brand Name: Top Results (Wikipedia dropped to #4)

The starting point of this Search Engine Optimization project in terms of Google ranking  was zero as we started with a new domain….

Keyword research

Our research analysis showed us several insights, among them:

  1. Illegal downloads sites are a problem not only in terms of revenue lost, also in terms of massive internet traffic.
  2. Big Israeli portals are dealing with this same music field.
  3. Google is going bananas for sites with lyrics.
  4. Copycats are everywhere.
  5. SEO field in Israel is one of the toughest in the world.
  6. The targeted keywords field is HUGE (approximately 50 keywords).
  7. The name of the brand “Harif” will have tough competition with Wikipedia (Harif means spicy (food) or harsh (attitude) or alcoholic drink in Hebrew).

Competing with major and veteran lyrics sites

Competing With "Old" Lyrics Sites
Competing With "Old" Lyrics Sites

What we did – sample work

  1. Focus on infrastructure:
    1. Internal links.
    2. Anchor text.
    3. Navigation bars.
    4. Images handling.
  2. Copywrite Meta tags based on keyword research
  3. Massive link building.
  4. Ongoing Optimization, including 2nd round of Keyword research after 1.5 years. New results already bearing fruits.

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