Website Foundations and SEO

Website Foundations and SEOHere is a short list of those “come on! Don’t say you haven’t heard of… or gotten the tip to use”:

  • Sitemap – A basic tool you should have on your website is an HTML sitemap. This will: help the user find content more easily in case he gets lost. Help the search engine crawl every page on your site just in case any of them aren’t clickable from other pages. Get a sitemap ASAP and link it from your homepage and all other pages on your site.
  • Outbound Links – Opening links to other websites using a new window. On too many occasions we still encounter websites that actually push the users out, by opening links to other websites using the same window. Why should the users need the “back” button to return to your site? A good recommendation would be to always open links to other websites using a new window.
  • Footer – a lower navigation bar. This is a great source to use for your website’s internal links, which should appear all through the website. Many websites still think they can skip the lower toolbar. The reasons are usually design. Users are used to lower navigation bar. They look for this navigation tool and they know to find answers to frequently asked questions, a sitemap, a link to a ‘Contact US’ form and other features. Don’t let them down.

And the next short list is almost the same, just only triggering you to “don’t tell me you still think this is worth anything for website marketing or SEO”….

  • Meta Tag – Keywords. I wish someone would prove me wrong and show me the benefit of using the keywords Meta tag. Actually it is an old tool used once and especially by keyword spammers around the web. However Google and other search engines got smarter and smarter, quicker than you and me, and they do not want to see a list of keywords stuffed in one place that don’t really reflect anything.
  • Link Farms – A massive list of outbound links from the website’s footer linking to various websites you think you are promoting, either for money or as a courtesy. Actually you are hurting yourself and them. Again, a method belonging to the past, notoriously known for creating a huge link exchange industry which is, in most cases, not effective at all.

In summary, we all need to really stay tuned to the dynamic and ever changing internet world that we live in. This means adding and subtracting elements from your site every now and again. You snooze, you lose, and others win instead of you.

I had a couple of more tips to write down in this post, but I am going to add a sitemap to someone’s new website :)

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