Internet Marketing in Different Languages

The first and maybe the most important tool we have for internet marketing is our marketing language.

We need to find the right marketing language using different marketing tools such as Google Insights for Search, as a part of the Search Engine Optimization in order to perform the right keyword search query, to write META tags that will improve our rankings and will bring us organic traffic and we need it when we want to launch an internet campaign, whether it’s a PPC campaign on Google, an ad campaign on Facebook or if you are running a display campaign on Google using images and banners and the likes.

Not every internet marketing expert is required to work in a language which he is not familiar with, but if you are thinking globally, than the language “hedge” is something that you need to deal with and take care of.

But wait, I can actually hear you thinking, can’t we just use Google Translate or any other online translation service? Well, the answer is absolutely NOT! Although these translation services can help you with basic communication, for advertising purposes it’s just not good enough and mostly un-professional.

Let me give you a quick example:

Would you order a flight from my website following this ad?

Flew to Thailand? Worth checking out our price! Cheapest price only to our market.
*Translated from Hebrew to English using Google Translate

How about running an activity on Facebook? Do you trust Google’s built in translation in Google Chrome to communicate with fans? Well, you should not.

With all that said, what can you do if you have a global client that needs internet marketing in different languages?

There are a few suggestions, such as hiring a local agency as a supplier to do it for you in a language you are not familiar with, or bringing the client an in house (even for part time) employee that knows this language that you do not.
Another recommended option is to find a local translator and content editor that can help you with the targeted language, including slangs and other commonly spoken words that the audience will understand. You know the plan, you know what you want to market and how you want to do it, don’t let the language be a barrier for you – because it doesn’t have to be!

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Do you need Internet Marketing in different languages?

We offer Internet Marketing in English, Thai and Hebrew*.

Contact Adi and Avner to get more details or request a quote.

*Other languages will be supported in the near future.