How BIG Facebook is in Thailand?

On Monday night, December 27th, a 16 year old girl had a terrible accident on one of Thailand’s expressways, which led to 9 dead people. This horrifying story broke all news reports, and the Thai newspapers widely covered this story on its front pages. Obviously the girl didn’t have a license and worst of all, pictures taken after the accident show she’s mainly concentrated with her… Blackberry.

What happened 2 days after the accident is what is now defined as a “Hate Mob” – a massive amount of angry people, directing their anger at one direction – the girl.

If you want to understand how BIG Facebook is in Thailand, keep reading….

Someone created a page on Facebook and named it “confident that the Thai People more than one millions of people are not satisfied [with] Praewa Thep Hatsadin Na Ayudhya“, and in Thai “มั่นใจว่าคนไทยเกินล้านคนไม่พอใจ แพรวา(อรชร) เทพหัสดิน ณ อยุธยา
After 24 hours, the page reached 150,000 “likes” and the numbers are soaring to reach over 240,000, just 72 hours after the crash. The media coverage and the rage of the Thai people all combined into one massive crowd on Facebook. We are working in social networks for quite some time now, we advertise on Facebook, we build Facebook pages and give consultation to companies in social marketing issues, and so far this is the biggest phenomena we have came across. Such massive participation in Facebook in such a short time is very impressive, even in terms of Thai market numbers…
According to Facebook statistics, in the end of 2010 there are over 6,000,000 Thai people on Facebook.