Get More Facebook Fans

A recent research (pdf) conducted by DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research examined the relationship between brands on Facebook and their fans. More than 1,600 consumers aged between 18 to 60 in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia Pacific were asked about engaging popular brands on the famous social network.
For your convenience here are some interesting results from the study which will help you better understand the profile of an average ‘liker’ on Facebook.
• Average fan is 31 years old.
• 55% of the fans are Women.
• 75% made an online purchase.
• 76% visit Facebook at least once a day.
• Every fan follows 9 brands in average.
• 84% of any brand followers say they consume it occasionally.

That’s interesting, but you want to know how to get more fans, right?

According to the study,
• 75% became followers (press the Like button) in response to advertising.
• 49% became followers in response to a friend invitation (suggest this page to a friend).
• 92% said they would recommend the brand’s page to friends.

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