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Social Media Activity

Social Media

Social networks these days, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare or even Google+ are functioning as a center meeting point for worldwide internet users. The meaning of this to an advertiser or brand manager is that if you want to understand what your audience is talking about with or without regards to your brand, then you must act and offer your message in these digital hangouts.

In the past years, the approach for internet marketing activity was to launch an official website for the company / store / brand and to bring audience traffic to there. Today all marketers agree that in order to fully understand your audience then you must find them and listen to them where they hang. So basically the direction of

Audience  —- > Brand Website

is changing to

Brands  —–> Audience

So, even though Google still makes billions of dollars out of advertising and bringing traffic to websites / landing pages, you can learn from Facebook and Twitter huge success and even LinkedIn great IPO, that the advertising and marketing industry is changing and we should all follow.

Let’s take Thailand as an example to understand the numbers of social network. Note that this data is updated to September 2011, and if you’re reading this after, well, the numbers are probably up.






















* Data taken from, and

The name of the game in social networks is engagement, meaning an interaction between the brand / store to the audience. The engagement can occur in different ways- from brand listening to audience conversations to audience commenting immediately on the brand message (comment can be Like, Retweet, etc.)

How can we help?

Facebook: We can help you build a brand page, create engaging applications, launch a fan base campaign and of course, manage daily basis conversations with your audience.

Twitter: We can help you set up a branded account, promote it and manage daily basis interactions with your audience.

LinkedIn: We can build your company a branded page and help you with recruiting using advertising and head hunting.

YouTube: We can build your brand a branded channel, create content and promote it.

Foursquare: We can create a branded activity to your brand / store that will create awareness and interactions with your audience.


Are you interested in social media marketing?

Contact Adi and Avner and we’ll be happy to assist with consulting and managing social activity.



Reputation Management

Many of us don’t even think twice before we publish on the web: personal stories, thoughts and political views and almost everything comes to mind. And while many of us don’t bother about it all, some people, some day will do. It can be something you published which is not suitable to your current job, it could be something you don’t want your kids to find out about (college experiments), or your employees and, hey, some things even your mother shouldn’t know about, right?

Remember: “The Internet remembers (almost) everything…” and we are not trying to frighten you rather to make a pragmatic view on the online life.

So the first thing you need to remember is to always keep unwanted materials off the web. But wait, what if it’s not in your hands? What if someone publishes something about you without your consent? What if you made it to the news…. and they even spelled your name right… but you wish they hadn’t.

Like one of our customers who made it to the news following a lawsuit he was involved in a few years ago. He called us and told us the story and how he lost some business deals after people were “Googling” his name. The people didn’t bother to read the results (they would have discovered he did not lose the case) just made a quick decision to move their business somewhere else.

Our Online Reputation Management service offers a proactive solution to negative results on the search engines results pages. The service includes monitoring your web presence, creating positive content and promoting it using SEO tactics. We find it Important to say that we have a high moral standard and we do not spam or lie.

Interested in Reputation Management?
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We also offer Brand Management for companies, bands, public figures and brands.

Search Engine Optimization by Adi and Avner


Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a very complex field in the internet industry.
On one hand, good SEO work can pay off for a very long time, while on the other hand, you would have to keep up the pace of the ever changing search engine’s algorithm.

Having that said, it is always very important to remember that in some markets and industries, if you get your basics SEO foundations the right way, you can do quite well.
For example, in Thailand there are still markets that are not very competitive, so we can plan good website structure, use Meta tags and content based on keywords research and see ourselves rank high and generate results. Other markets would be more competitive and businesses are working their way up the rank as we speak. In this case you would need a more complex SEO plan, involving more domains, more content and other internet assets we would offer to create.

There are a few SEO methods to work on a website, this is ours:

Market Research: Preforming an online competitor’s research and analysis because you must know your online competition very well in order to be better than they are. Than we would use different keyword tools and find out what phrases are most popular and relevant.

On-Site Optimization: Working on the site’s structure, writing Meta tags, implementing site maps and more. This is when we need to figure out our keyword strategy and work on the website according to it.

Off-Site Optimization: Promoting the site using link building, registering to web indexes and more. This usually done after the On-Site Optimization is ready but can be done during the work.

Want to get better results for your website rankings on the search engines results pages?
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